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What were the free states in 1860

The problem with the "impoverished agriculture" theory. The industrialization of the eastern United States from 1790 to 1860 raises similar conundrums. For a long time, scholars thought that the agriculture was mostly poor quality. Thus, the farm labor force left agriculture for workshops, such as those which produced shoes, or for.

Best Answer. Copy. In 1860, 33 states existed. At the time, the country was on the brink of war. The divisions of the north and south were reaching a breaking point by 1860. Wiki.

Even if, as Berlin illustrates in a companion table, 100 percent of the African Americans living in the North were free in 1860 (compared to only 6.2 percent in the South), it still is a puzzle to.

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The essence of the slave-states' complaints was not that their rights were being violated but rather that the federal government and the non-slave states were insufficiently helpful in defending slavery. As the New York Times pointed out in 1859, the South had made "the doctrine of state rights, so long slavery's friend . . . its foe.". 1860: 4 441 830: 3 953 760: 1850: 3 638 808: 3 204 313: 1840: 2 873 648: 2 487 355: What were the 11 free states? Free States 1857. California. Connecticit. Illinois. Indiana. Iowa. Maine..

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